yellow tree YELLOW as the taste of your lips.
YELLOW for all those words i never spoke.
YELLOW like these leaves that will fall… While you say you still love me.
YELLOW like curtains. YELLOW as all the secrets we share.

YELLOW like your eyes in the sunset. YELLOW when i confess you my heart is black like an autumn root.yellon tree urban


Lady Tree Illustration is finally finished!

I’m not sure about the colours, especially the background. I wanted to create a “circle” of the 4 seasons in the movements of the tree. A moving change of seasons. The heart may seem quite unappropriated… but i’m having health troubles in this period and i felt… normal to draw it. Share somefear for myself perhaps. Uff… sorry for the mistake in your wonderful language. So this is the firts result. I guess i’ll change it soon, as i said: the background do not fit… 

I made a smell close up- as the small version can seem a little chaotic at the first glance. 

You can download it on my Deviantart page, here. It is not for commercial use, no modification and always credit me, please.

This is my point of view of a theater scene of a “living tree” made of dancers.