Photography of Lorenzo Manetti

Photography of Lorenzo Manetti  – “Scogliera artificiale al vecchio faro di Fiumicino – Roma”

Lor is a dear friend and a sensitive photographer. There are no lies in his art.

Please look at this picture carefully.

Here is the other face of Rome. This is a face of the place where i grew up. The sea that surrounds a dirty sand. The annihilation of the structures. The notion of “urbanistic” disapears, and we always come back to a place that seems to be too old to let us move on. Dehumanization appears somehow romantic, as we loose ourselves in silents questions with no answers.

We Romans are a so old civilization.

We live in the past and present like shadows of our ancient glories and fresh mistakes.

We surrender in the shame of our politics, enchained to silence by the blackmails of crosses and mafias.

Lightings incapable to stay still. And an endless sky where we can hide our dreams.



Wherever you are, whoever you are, do not listen to anybody and create what you feel. Use any media, be conservative or technological, or be both. Trace the photos, cut, paste, use acrylics, RGB or CMYK, paint with your hands. Just be yourself. And beware of those artists that wants to teach you that some things are not allowed, that you are too old or too young. Beware of those who give you rules to follow when there are no rules. Beware of those artists, sometimes, rich bored guys, that want to make you feel common and trivial, just to keep their position. 

About ….m.. THAT girl who just fell from the bike at Midnight in the center of Paris.

It hurts like hell.
I finished working and i just wanted to come home.
Point is that i’m not a biker nor a PRO… so when i though “Oh yeah let’s jump over this step” in the rain… i just fell.

But… good point for me: i fell with style.
My knee btw was injured and when i got off from the bike i saw the blood.

I went in my new house and realized that i couldn’t find disinfectant.


And when i was with my knee in the shower, trying to clean the wound with water, i realized how lonely i felt. When i got hurt, i always had someone next to me. It made me feel good to know that i was in pain and someone was there, to help me or just stay in silence, next to me. I’m not a complicated girl for this.

Sometimes a silent presence means more that hundreds of words.

When i woke up… i found my wound infected. And as it was sunday…. pharmacies and drug stores were closed. Thankgod my parents came one day in Paris, so when i told them i had a problem they tried to help me. As i had no solution and i had to go working i decided to leave just some minutes befores and ask the help of the Firefighters of the hotel i work in.

Yep, in France, when you got hurt, you call Firefighters.

Well there was this firefighter who was very kind with me. For him it was just routine and he didn’t pay a special attention to me… for him it was just… “normal”. But for me… it was everything.

Lonelyness make you realize how precious persons around you are.

When you’re lonely like me, and you just moved in a empty house on your own… there’s no one to help you to trasport stuff, that keeps the door opened while you’re coming in with a heavy box, no one to cheer you up after a long day of  work, nothing cooked, no one who will give you his/her arm to catch once you fell. It’s just you and a huge city full of strangers.

So when this guy smiled at me and treated me… somehow i felt i was going to cry.

Finally here i am, waiting to heal… hoping that loneliness and dirt of Paris will not infect me again.

Home is where your heart is

Yep. It’s a long time. I moved, and moved and… moved. And now, i live in Paris. I do apologize, but i have found a new job and i still don’t have internet. Things will change next week, saturday when finally a technician will come and connect me to the world. Besides i also found a new job i i didn t find the time to go in an internet point.

But i wanted to share with you guys the view from the window of my new house. In a sunny day i’ll picture the tour eiffel too, even if it’s a little far from home.

paris Important: i have NO intention to abandon this blog. I just need the time to put all the pieces together. I heard hours of amazing music here, and i really do want to share it with you.

I just need internet back!

… In the end the person i love is not going to live here with me. So a part of my heart will stay with him, in Rome. And i feel kind of strange… like an outsider in my own new house. I don’t know if you know what i mean but it’s a very odd sensation. And not so good.

Pain makes us feel alive. And the distance between persons is not the end. It’s the courage to look from a certain distance what’s going on. I feel hurt. Lonely. But at the same time indipendent.

trasloco This is what i had. First thing i brought. Today i brought a fridge, the washing machine. My PC. Three Chairs. But it’s all so messed up.

I feel like i’m wandering in a garden of stones.

My first post “not-at-home”

You’ll probably make fun of me but there’s a first time for everyone. I’m in a Starbucks coffee in the center of Paris right now. I’m realizing right now that i always wrote from my desk at home. And it’s quite different writing from here, in the heart of Paris, sat around so many people. The coffee isn’t bad at all. And i’m italian, so i tell you, it’s not an easy thing to say.

It’s a rainy day, and i feel very sad. I argued. And to be alone in a foreign city after arguing with the most important person in your life makes you feel… well… pretty bad.

But at the same time, i think that everyone should experience what i’m living now.

When you leave alone in a foreign place, you can’t tell yourself all the lies that you usually tell to yourself when you live your [often boring] everyday-routine. It also helps you see what is normally around you with a good distance.

When you see things from a good distance, you can have a full-view of it, analyse them more globally, somehow with mess “heart” and more reason. And sometimes Reason is necessary to show you the correct way to face some problems.

I feel that i forgot what love is. Passion? i guess i lost it too, at least with other human beings.

Sad, isn’t it?

May life always treat you gently.