Taking Some Street Art Shower in Paris… Time to Dance

Street art Paris 2

It’s always a pleasure to have a walk in the third and fourth arrondissement of Paris. Know also as Le Marais, You always find good artists expressing themselves, their wish of escape, a fresh glittered paper shower in the gloom of the megalopolis.

street art paris


Oh I am still Alive.

Hello folks, i know it’s quite a long time i’m not writing. Let’s say that in this last month, my life completely changed.

First of all, i moved to Paris. I had to change 3 times flat, and i’m still looking for a flat. God it is so hard to find a house in Paris. I made several work interviews and started working in a 4 star hotel and conference center in Paris. So these are my first, harsh days and i really had no time to stop, to have some rest, to realize and think about all these changes.

I feel very tired, but happy at the same time. The only things i miss of Italy are my boyfriend, my brother and my nièce. And sure the Daisho studio. Comics. Drawings, you know… the rest… All the rest seems to be a dark cloud made of shadow, that is fading away day after day. All the persons that talk badly of you, all those who did not have respect for me, for my job. All gone, away. And this made me feel better.

My best friends came to see me already. I’m making new friends here in Paris. I’m discovering myself again.

It’s hard. It’s difficult. You feel loneliness, worried about the fact that you don’t know what is going to be your future, what is going to be… just everything. But i feel i’m living my life. I’m not the kind of girl who just stay sitted waiting for something or someone. I’m not a princess. I work hard. Sometimes i failed, like i failed with comics design. But i will not surrender.

I am a fucking artist 🙂

By the way i really wanted to share with you some street art pictures i took in the arrondissement i’m living in right now. So enjoy. Enjoy life.

May life always treat you gently.