Beautiful Freaks no. 50 is coming out!!!

Just a little preview before we present number 50!!!!

Dinosaur Bd



13. Speed Sketches


Normally i don’t publish the speed sketches. But yesterday… i drew in front of othe people. I had a bad pencil and a half broken black ink pen. Yes, without a rubber*_*  The first one is a re-interpretation of Juillard’s character. The second sketch well… i guess that this is how i see him. A way he lingers inside my mind. I never thank enough all my followers.

So thank you. Really sometimes when i turn on my pc (swicht on?) and i see all these mails, like and so on… i smile. It doesn’t make me feel so alone. I think I’will make a special post for Jaber. Maybe tomorrow.



I do not know why many persons really believ that 13 is a bad number. It always brought me luck, or at least had a very deep meaning into my… “karma”.

Rough Speed Sketch 2

Here’s another rough speed sketch. I started traditionally directly with a bic pen, and a red consumed red felt. It’s a small tribute to the RPG game Vampire: the Masquerade. I bought the 20th anniversary Special-limited edition book and it’s amazing, so i was curious to draw some vampires again. There is a guy playing a vampire in an American serie, his name is Sam Witwer (i suppose… i’m not totally sure). I think he is very interesting model. He’s a very good actor and i really liked how the make up artists created his vampire form in the serie. I guess i will start some sketches using him as model. Hope he won’t get angry… even if i guess VIPs have no interest in common people like me! 🙂

Feel free to use this image (Creative Commons) until you alway credit me (Aenis art) and do not use it for commercial purposes.


Speed drawing in one step

This is just a speed drawing i did when i was talking with some persons today. Normally i always draw, and people think that i’m not listening in the mean time… but actually i do listen. This is drawn with a common Bic pen (black and red pen), and then i used a consumed red felt. Then i just took a picture and gave more strengh to the red dress. And a i drew the flower in her hair digitally.


This image is the creative commons- Attribution- NO commercial. This mean that you can use it but you must credit me (you can write:, and you don’t use it for commercial purposes.