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Dear Followers, I’m very happy to announce that my website is finally online:

Greta Margherita

Please feel free to visit it and let me know what you feel about it: All the website is around Paris, and especially an unusual way to discover Paris: it’s not about the Eiffel Tower, or things you already know: it is all around its misteries, special places, artists and musicians.


Taking Some Street Art Shower in Paris… Time to Dance

Street art Paris 2

It’s always a pleasure to have a walk in the third and fourth arrondissement of Paris. Know also as Le Marais, You always find good artists expressing themselves, their wish of escape, a fresh glittered paper shower in the gloom of the megalopolis.

street art paris

Butterflies And Feathers…. Walking throught Paris

In Paris you can find everything, and if you go in the 2nd arrondissement, next to Place des Victoires, you will see Butterflies, Peacocks and parrots staring at you from the windows:

turquoise butterfly

Morpho cf. menelaus

Butterfly green

Name of this weird Place is “Design et Nature”

peacock feathers

I looked inside and there were all stuffed animals.

Lions, horses, every type of animal i did not even see alive once in my life… since i’m a “mammalian of the city”, the best i could do in Paris is having a bad time with pigeons.

It was a strange experience look into their eyes

To see them so beautiful and oddly empty at the same time.

Thoughts about Paris…

I know that most of the people think of Paris as a very romantic capital.

A kind of “love nest” out of time, were persons look in each others eyes… and fell deeply in love.

Well. Sounds good. But reality is very different. Paris is a very cold city. People like me that goes living in the city center find themselves strangly … alone.

It is not a place for falling in love, or for looking for a person to fall in love with and build a future together.

It is a European capital that stands for its productive power. Work is the keyword. And the key to Paris differents worlds as well. Everything depends on how much you earn, on what kind of job you’re doing. The type of job qualify and define you as person.

Talking about me…. as i do not work as “a very well know artist”… it’s like i count nothing and so i am not an artist.

What i create seems to be meaningless in a Parisian’s eyes.

Target is: first, be famous.

But that sound crazy to me. Art should not be a slave of social musts. Art is a weapon again ignorance, againts the rules (sometimes wrong) of the common sense.

Fame should not be the mainstay of art.

Some many faces

So much silence.

Thousands of glances … unspoken wishes.
Lonely souls bound to each others
so many hands and eyes, that you will see just once.

I feel terribly lonely.

My Paris … Some more pictures (Part 2)

Hi Folks! It took me sometime to find some pictures to show you. I didn’t want to show the “classical pictures of Paris”. I always try to give you unexpected points of view and figures it’s not common to look at. I hope i reached the target this time. You can use the photos of this post, as long as you credit me and link back^_^

A Photo Collage of Général de Gaulle on the Hotel de Ville - June 2010

A Photo Collage of GĂ©nĂ©ral de Gaulle on the Hotel de Ville – June 2010

The Collage was huge, actually.

The Collage was huge, actually.

I really don’t feel chatty today… So I’ll just leave you with these pictures!

Pont Neuf

Pont Neuf

La conciergerie

La conciergerie

Ile de la Cité

Ile de la Cité

I played a lot with saturation and color on this one. The centre is just a perfect subject for this kind of saturation games in my opinion

I played a lot with saturation and color on this one. The centre is just a perfect subject for this kind of saturation games in my opinion

Some street art next to the Centre Pompidou

Some street art next to the Centre Pompidou