My Website !

Dear Followers, I’m very happy to announce that my website is finally online:

Greta Margherita

Please feel free to visit it and let me know what you feel about it: All the website is around Paris, and especially an unusual way to discover Paris: it’s not about the Eiffel Tower, or things you already know: it is all around its misteries, special places, artists and musicians.


Almost 1 Month Later

After the attacks of Daesh of November 13th, Paris is still suffering.

Sorry If i stood silent but it was hard to find the words.

Xmas is almost here… but… there’s something wrong…

We made the tree today, we had a walk with my boyfriend around Galleries Lafayette… got lost in the streets of Paris, like we used to do to appreciate our city… But we were actually sad.

We do not forget, we are still worried and hurt.

Life continues, yes, but we still are too wounded to realize they could do somethig so bad.

And what is worse, is that the “Front National” won a lot of influence the last elections.

Fascists and neo-nazis rising from people’s ignorance and rage.

I am sorry if I stood silent…. But i’m still having trouble to find the words…

Butterflies And Feathers…. Walking throught Paris

In Paris you can find everything, and if you go in the 2nd arrondissement, next to Place des Victoires, you will see Butterflies, Peacocks and parrots staring at you from the windows:

turquoise butterfly

Morpho cf. menelaus

Butterfly green

Name of this weird Place is “Design et Nature”

peacock feathers

I looked inside and there were all stuffed animals.

Lions, horses, every type of animal i did not even see alive once in my life… since i’m a “mammalian of the city”, the best i could do in Paris is having a bad time with pigeons.

It was a strange experience look into their eyes

To see them so beautiful and oddly empty at the same time.