#Inktober / or #inkoctober is having success!

Seems that this # is working quite well on twitter.


Here’s my contribution then,

I wanted to post here some drawings that came out on our Music Magazine Baeutifulfreaks.org no. 50

I came back on drawing traditionally … i sold my wacom intuos, maybe waiting to buy a cintiq. I actually still have no idea if it’s really going to make a difference, considering that drawing, writing and doing all of this crazy things is not (even if if it should be) my primary job.


Anyway…  here’s the cover…. and i have to admit that it was funny to come back on pencil and ink.

Confession of the day: while i was drawing on the paper this one, i made a mistake and i pushed CTRL+Z on the keyboard istead of using the rubber. Shame on me. 


Best wishes to all of you…


Hope that ‘ll survive tomorrow….

I have an operation…. and i’m so scared \O/

If you have no news from me, start asking yourselves questions.

Just kidding. Or Not.



Wherever you are, whoever you are, do not listen to anybody and create what you feel. Use any media, be conservative or technological, or be both. Trace the photos, cut, paste, use acrylics, RGB or CMYK, paint with your hands. Just be yourself. And beware of those artists that wants to teach you that some things are not allowed, that you are too old or too young. Beware of those who give you rules to follow when there are no rules. Beware of those artists, sometimes, rich bored guys, that want to make you feel common and trivial, just to keep their position. 

Be here, Now: Live music’s power.


That’s the power of live music. Especially jam sessions, improvisations. It’s not where you’re going, but how you get there, if you know what i mean.

This is also the reason why i think that every single person should listen to live music. I’m not only talking about important concerts. Just stop a second when you walk down the the street and you listen to a musician. It’s all a rush. It’s non-sense. Music reminds you that you should stop. Ask yourself some questions. Any questions, even some apparently stupid like “Where am i going?” or “What am i looking for?” … “Why?” and so on.

Stop to listen at him, musicians always have to teach you something. You always learn; the point is to stay open-minded. To listen, for real, that’s how i see it.

There’s the inclination to see “Art” as something that society does not “need” for real… it’s for spineless people that aren’t able to do anything else. Stuff that is not necessary. False. That’s what an ignorant country thinks. A country that has no respect for its own culture, a country that doesn’t read, that justifies violence and stopped asking questions.

(The image of this post is a very very old digital drawing i’ve made of the swedish model Twiggx) If you want yo download it on a Desktop version, here‘s the link!

May’s Music Advices: Coltrane’s Sound … Let’s Fall in love with some Jazz.

Let’s plunge into the heart of Jazz this month.

I know that many persons just can’t stand Jazz music. I’m not joking.
I heard several times things like “This noise stress me out!”, “it’s boring: there’s no voice!”, “it’s nonsense”. That’s because in my opinion, Jazz is not only a genre. It’s a real life style.
I bought a book last week “How Jazz can change your life”, written by Wynton Marsalis. I’m only at the beginning, but i totally agree with Marsalis when he talks about Jazz as a life-style, a way to face life.
Every genre may have this power, but the Jazz is unique in his way of  settle his power inside your life, your way to think and handle people and events.

Since i totally fell for Jazz music
I can say my life has changed.
In a better way.

That’s why i want to share it with you.

In Italy, many persons think about Jazz music as if it was a kind of fashion stuff: “no, Jazz is only for cool people”. It’s a kind of hip trend that makes you appear an arrogant intellectual, who is clever than stupid people who listen to other genres. Isn’t this silly?
In my point of view, it’s exactly the opposite.

It’s not a matter of culture and intelligence.
It’s a metter of heart.
Emotions. That’s why:
Jazz is for everyone. 
But many persons are scared to listen at it, without mental blocks, hindrances made of fear for something that is atavistic, deeply engraved in our instinct and soul.

Of course you can’t listen to Jazz if you’re too stressed, if you really don’t listen to it!

The Cd i propose this month is “Coltrane’s sound”. I choose Coltrane because i think this musician has really the power to speak directly to you heart, with no filter. I really love “Equinox”. I’ll leave a link here.

John Coltrane: Tenor saxophone
Steve Davis: Bass
Elvin Jones: Drums
McCoy Tyner: Piano

This is really strong. I think this music never let you fell lonely. Every sound chases the other. Air is filled with rhythm. And the rhythm that come out is pure emotion.

And ALL you have to do is to put yourself in Coltrane’s saxophone.

Here’s the full album:

Have a nice Journey.

Love at first sight

Now you’ll think: Who is that guy you have a crush on? well it’s not actually a “person”, i’d rather say a “sound from a soul”. It’s a particular sound. Some months ago, i was wondering in Rome. Yep, i’m not so proud of it but sometimes i’m a very talented flaneur (“flaneuse”).

So, i was walking into the city center, waiting for nothing, with no goals at all. And from the back of the street, i heard the sound of an electric bass guitar. I was a bass beginner (actually i’m still a beginner), so i just stopped trying to understand where the sound did exactly came from. I was amazed because i could hear clearly it was a bass… but the sound that came out of it… oh god i just stood speechless.

I arrived in Piazza Navona and saw this guy, sat on his small audio amplifier, playing like a rock star  He was this kind of persons that have the power to show you their soul. It’s like if i had plunged in a transparent lake, and while i was sinking into it, i could see crystal clearly everything around. So how can i put it… it’s not i fell in love with the guy. I just fell for the sound of his soul. It’s like when i listen to Lou Reed. Or when i cry listening to some Blues. Uhm, do you know what i mean?

So the other day i was looking to bass lessons on youtube… and … i found a video of him. I was so happy to listen to him again. The sound is not perfect, when you listen at him live… it’s all different. You know there are many things i really don’t understand: i often find greatest musician on the street that on the stages where i had to pay at least 20 euro to get in. And the same goes to the world of visual art.

I end thinking that persons favored by connections are those who go on, no matter what and how good they really are. Such a shame. Unfair. But in the end, i have compassion for them, and i don’t care.