#Inktober / or #inkoctober is having success!

Seems that this # is working quite well on twitter.


Here’s my contribution then,

I wanted to post here some drawings that came out on our Music Magazine Baeutifulfreaks.org no. 50

I came back on drawing traditionally … i sold my wacom intuos, maybe waiting to buy a cintiq. I actually still have no idea if it’s really going to make a difference, considering that drawing, writing and doing all of this crazy things is not (even if if it should be) my primary job.


Anyway…  here’s the cover…. and i have to admit that it was funny to come back on pencil and ink.

Confession of the day: while i was drawing on the paper this one, i made a mistake and i pushed CTRL+Z on the keyboard istead of using the rubber. Shame on me. 


Best wishes to all of you…


Hope that ‘ll survive tomorrow….

I have an operation…. and i’m so scared \O/

If you have no news from me, start asking yourselves questions.

Just kidding. Or Not.


Step by step Drawing and Ink: Daenery Targaryen and Drogon. Step One

Hi folks. I’m making some test with ink. i must improve my ink technique actually. I wanted to draw my version of Daenerys Targaryen. So… i started with a very simple line sketch pencil (2B)- and then i inked … How do we say in english? to ink? please help! 🙂 . In Italy we use a peculiar expression… translated it would sounds like: “i had to streach out the first layer of Ink”. Puff… I have a lot to learn.  I’m a neewb.


Step 2 will be coloring.

The quality is very poor… i take a bad picture with my samsung. (i’m too lazy to use the scanner… i know.. i know… i feel lazy these days )

(•‿•) Bye Bye (•‿•)

Testing a Pentel Brush.

I bought a mounth ago a Pentel color Brush (i took the Black ink#101)

It is often use to use ink on the pencils, especially when you draw comics.
As for me, i was at a first experience using the ink in this way… and i have to say that yes, it’s not easy at the beginning, but in the end, with the experience, the quality is very very good.

It’s a question of pressure, stability of the hand, and we shoudn’t fear or have bad thoughts while we’re drawing. These are the most important points to consider in my opinion. It’s made in Japan. I bought it on the internet more or less for 20 euro. If i can give you a suggestion, you should buy some refills, because the consumption of the ink is quite high if you use it frequently, or if you have a tendency to put many blacks. I made some trials… at the Daisho Studio we are studying the textures and we’re trying to look for a good sign to express them.

I made some trees…


It’s a picture a took with my mobile… it’s not the top of quality…
In this other test i played just a little with a background texture.