A serious self-portrait

Because when i want, i can be a very serious person.
Yes, keep saying this stuff to yourself, Aenis, you fool.



Step Three

Oh… damn !! This is the moment when i realize that i got wrong/there’s something wrong with all the drawing. There’s a terrible mistake of perspective. The head of my character and her arms are in a perspective, a high one, while the boobies, the bust and her legs appear to be in a “front” view, ruining the entire composition. I have to figure out if there is an easy way out.



Well… there’s one way: start again. But my mum would tell me: nothing is perfect. Don’t ruin your life looking for perfection, you’ll never reach it… go on, express what you want to say in your way. Another friend of mine would say “go ahead, be productive: “FINISH WHAT YOU HAVE STARTED”. And that’s what i’ll try to do. I will try to fix this terrible mistake somehow.

A Small Illustration for Beautiful Freaks

Creative Commons- Attribution- No Modifications of this work – No Commercial- Always credit please!

This just a small drawing… I’m not sure about this one because it do not fit with the “spirit” of the mag so i’ll probably try something very different… to propose other points of view. For the moment, that’s it!

I’m listening to Micheal Jackson’s Ghost… I miss him so much. He had a terribile time these last years, before he died. But i feel, deep in my heart, that he never hurted children. I guess he had a strong sensibility and he was a kid inside.. He really got hurt from tabloids and that’s a real shame. A really big shame. That is so, so stupid. A good criticism is to talk about the work of an artist, and not his life.

If i could meet Virginia Wolf, i would ask her so many questions about her characters, her books, the story, why did she use a type of sentence istead of something else. I would not ask her: did you bleach your skin or did you love your husband? it’s so stupid.

BTW… have a nice weekend.

PS: You can download a bigger version of this drawing by clicking here.