A serious self-portrait

Because when i want, i can be a very serious person.
Yes, keep saying this stuff to yourself, Aenis, you fool.



Lady Tree Illustration is finally finished!

I’m not sure about the colours, especially the background. I wanted to create a “circle” of the 4 seasons in the movements of the tree. A moving change of seasons. The heart may seem quite unappropriated… but i’m having health troubles in this period and i felt… normal to draw it. Share somefear for myself perhaps. Uff… sorry for the mistake in your wonderful language. So this is the firts result. I guess i’ll change it soon, as i said: the background do not fit… 

I made a smell close up- as the small version can seem a little chaotic at the first glance. 

You can download it on my Deviantart page, here. It is not for commercial use, no modification and always credit me, please.

This is my point of view of a theater scene of a “living tree” made of dancers.

Game of Thrones Female Characters Illustration is… Finally Finished!

English: Don’t have much to add now… as i already talked a lot about it. I didn’t know how different from the WIP the final work was going to be. It is true then that alle the characters loose a lot of particulars now that they are so small. Especuially Arya and Ygritte. But i wanted to give somehow the idea of perspective. My favorite in this final work is Osha. Well… have a nice day!

This image is with the Creative Common Licence: Attribution -No commercial- Modifications not allowed. Use it, download it, as long as you share alike, you always credit me and don’t use it for commercial purposes.

Italiano : Ed ecco L’illustrazione terminata. Non ho molto da aggiungere perché ne ho già parlato a lungo. Non sapevo esattamente come sarebbe stato il risultato finale. Ammetto che una volta rimpiccioliti, i personaggi hanno perso molte caratteristiche. La difficoltà di fatto è riuscire a identificare il personaggio con pochi elementi. Arya e Ygritte in questo caso sono quelle che ci hanno rimesso di più. ma dovevo pur dare l’idea prospettica in qualche modo. La mia preferita resta Osha nella versione completa. Bene… Buona Giornata!

Some close up!

English– I love drawing eyes… here are some close up of the Game of Thrones Fan Art Illustration I’m doing… hope they can help you!

Italiano: Amo molto disegnare gli occhi… quindi posto qui un po di ingrandimenti pell’illustrazione di Got che sto facendo, nella speranza possano piacervi/esservi di aiuto.

Catelyn Tully  WIP

English: I have listened to a song… and its words made me braver. I’ll post it at the bottom… i just have to find the group…

Italiano: Ho sentito una canzone… e le sue parole mi hanno resa più forte per un po- La posterò alla fine… devo solo trovare il nome del gruppo che non credo di conoscere.

Arya Stark WIP

“Do do do what you want do
Don’t think twice do
What you have to do
Do, Do, Do, let your heart decide
what you have to do that’s all there is to find!”

Margaery Tyrell


Daenerys Targaryen


And… Enjoy: