Beautiful Freaks no. 50 is coming out!!!

Just a little preview before we present number 50!!!!

Dinosaur Bd



Adopting a Dinosaur – Meeting No. 1

This all comes from a guy named


who gave me,

in the desolation of the deepest loneliness of mine,

a room mate. A pink Dinosaur.

I have started drawing him while i was alone,

in my room.

He’s here right now, looking at me. With his pink teeth.  

He’s a kind of star, who will soon appear in Fulvio’s movies.

Even better than having a rendez-vous with Brad Pitt.


Step by step Drawing and Ink: Daenery Targaryen and Drogon. Step One

Hi folks. I’m making some test with ink. i must improve my ink technique actually. I wanted to draw my version of Daenerys Targaryen. So… i started with a very simple line sketch pencil (2B)- and then i inked … How do we say in english? to ink? please help! 🙂 . In Italy we use a peculiar expression… translated it would sounds like: “i had to streach out the first layer of Ink”. Puff… I have a lot to learn.  I’m a neewb.


Step 2 will be coloring.

The quality is very poor… i take a bad picture with my samsung. (i’m too lazy to use the scanner… i know.. i know… i feel lazy these days )

(•‿•) Bye Bye (•‿•)