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Dear Followers, I’m very happy to announce that my website is finally online:

Greta Margherita

Please feel free to visit it and let me know what you feel about it: All the website is around Paris, and especially an unusual way to discover Paris: it’s not about the Eiffel Tower, or things you already know: it is all around its misteries, special places, artists and musicians.


Wood Sculptor in the Northen of Cyprus: “The Secret Box shop” in Kyrenia

If you will have the chance to visit Kyrenia, in the Northen side of Cyprus, i recommend you to stop by “The Secret Box Shop”. It’s a small shop,  in the centre of Kyrenia. Quite magical and typical. Inside you will find a sculptor. I really would love to remember his name. He gave me his card but i’m afraid i’ve lost it in my journeys. He creates and sells his hand carved wooden boxes with secrets opening mechanisms.

secret box shop

He made all these boxes. Some of them have more than 18/17 mechanisms are are almost impossible to open.  Believe me, when i entered, he gave me a box and told me: “open it”….

wood toys

After 30 minutes i was still trying to open that box… and i could not. His boxes are quite different from those you commonly find in the Maghreb Area: The mechanisms here are more precise, and he really gives an attention to the detail. What he does really have a soul.

wood craft

He explained to me that he comes from a long family tradition of wood sculptors. Some of the mechanisms are so complicated that you still do not figure out how it works, even after 5/6 times he shows you. I was fascinated.

cyprus wood shop

While he was speaking to me he offered us some tea. I really felt the good spirit of the people living there. People from Cyprus are just lovely. They are the most gentle people i have ever met. They really help you, offer you what they have in order to share. I was really touched by all this kindness that is completely lost in big cities like Paris.



Art Exposition in Paris: “Ce Fameux Livre!” – “That famous book” – 40 illustrators and their points of view on their childhood books – Médiathèque Françoise Sagan

ce fameux livreIf you thought i was writing just for Beautiful Freaks Magazine, then you’re wrong! Music is not the only mainstay. My job is to stay open and catch opportunities. And you should not loose this one, you have untill the 31st of october.

There’s this quote i admire written by G.K. Chesterton that says :

“Fairy tales do not tell children the dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children the dragons can be killed.”

And i think that’s the core of the exhibition itself: artists did not kill their dragons. They did something more constructive: they took their time to watch the beast in the eyes, sometimes flying with it. They created a dialog, sometimes as kids, sometimes as grown adults. And what came out was an interesting walk in the hallway of others 40 peoples soul.

The most interesting artist to me is Antoine Doré. I had the chance to meet this guy, who gently collaborated to become a character in a friend’s movie.  What is cool about Antoine, is that you don’t need to ask. What you see is what you get. The metaphors are there, understandable, you don’t need a translation, somebody to guide you. It’s direct, he follows the french classical comic style (I’m always exited to see his works because i can really feel a connection to Moebius line and communication syntax) and you don’t need to be a genius to get to the point.

“HATCHING” – ANTOIRE DORE’ -Inspired by “Le Temps des Dinosaures” by D. Norman and A. Milner.
A full immersion in these mythical and ancient world
This egg represents the birth of his interest for reading and drawing.

One work i enjoyed as well, very amusing for it’s “biblical and Marxist” interpretation was this one:

Reinterpretation des schtroumpf


In its description the artists says that during his childhood he used to read his father’s Schtroumpf albums (like every one of us i guess); and years later he discovered the “nullité inclassable”(cit.), translated it means the “unclassifiable uselessness” of these albums. It remembered me i had the same impression after i grew up… i thought it was all so weird and disturbing about these blue guys living in a…a hallucinogenics mushrooms. And his piece (ink and acquarels) really describes some people’s feeling about the Schtroumpfs.


Inspired by “”Voyage au bout de l’éponge” de H. Traxler

There are 40 works to admire in all the exposition, and even if i would, it’s not possible for me to show everything here. But i would like to show you this work from Gilles Bachelet, who chose Jules Vernes “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” for this amazing illustration:



When we finished to look at the works…. I saw there was a bunch of books. I was so happy to see again Joëlle Jolivet’s works. It came back to me as a flash … when i was at school i found a book, and i really fell in love:

FullSizeRender (6)

I took my time to seat there and swim into the memories.

It felt good to be right there, in that moment, with my best friend Charlotte. I took a moment to look at her and realize i knew her since 26 years.

Well as you can see, it’s an opportunity to spend a good time in Paris, for free, and discover nice art of the capital.  Here are the artists:


#Inktober / or #inkoctober is having success!

Seems that this # is working quite well on twitter.


Here’s my contribution then,

I wanted to post here some drawings that came out on our Music Magazine no. 50

I came back on drawing traditionally … i sold my wacom intuos, maybe waiting to buy a cintiq. I actually still have no idea if it’s really going to make a difference, considering that drawing, writing and doing all of this crazy things is not (even if if it should be) my primary job.


Anyway…  here’s the cover…. and i have to admit that it was funny to come back on pencil and ink.

Confession of the day: while i was drawing on the paper this one, i made a mistake and i pushed CTRL+Z on the keyboard istead of using the rubber. Shame on me. 


Best wishes to all of you…


Hope that ‘ll survive tomorrow….

I have an operation…. and i’m so scared \O/

If you have no news from me, start asking yourselves questions.

Just kidding. Or Not.