Photography of Lorenzo Manetti

Photography of Lorenzo Manetti  – “Scogliera artificiale al vecchio faro di Fiumicino – Roma”

Lor is a dear friend and a sensitive photographer. There are no lies in his art.

Please look at this picture carefully.

Here is the other face of Rome. This is a face of the place where i grew up. The sea that surrounds a dirty sand. The annihilation of the structures. The notion of “urbanistic” disapears, and we always come back to a place that seems to be too old to let us move on. Dehumanization appears somehow romantic, as we loose ourselves in silents questions with no answers.

We Romans are a so old civilization.

We live in the past and present like shadows of our ancient glories and fresh mistakes.

We surrender in the shame of our politics, enchained to silence by the blackmails of crosses and mafias.

Lightings incapable to stay still. And an endless sky where we can hide our dreams.


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