How Origin Sucks. … and WOW! seems Sim City sucks too!

This time, I am really, really pissed off.

I want to share with you the shitty experience i am having with Origin. I bought some days ago the new Sim City, deluxe edition, that i paid 70 euros.

70euro. We i pay 70 euros for a game… i don’t expect bugs everywhere, or worse: the incapacity to log in in my origin account. Let’s proceed step by step. Yesterday, after 2 hours of game in Sim City… the game bugged (yes i did all the updates.. and yes i have an alienware so everthing SHOULD be fine), the mouse disappeared. I had to force the game and close it.

I think:”well it’s just a coincidence, i can’t believe i paid 70 euros for these types of bugs… mekes me think about all the awful bugs i found in the Sims3… ” today i think: “let’s give it another chance”. I open the game. Can’t play. A window says i’n not connected. “no problem, i’ll play on my own even if i’m not online” i think. It turned out that it is not possible. And then… Origin logged me out. I appear constantly offline. Tried everything.


hey it says… the infos of my access info are … expired…? …well i did not know, i’ll change them!…


Oh… turns out they hav technical problems.

Senza-titolo-2I think “maybe they have server problems” … but the sites work.

I think of my 70 euros.


And after 35 minutes of tests… turns out i can’t connect to the servers… that i have to try “later”

What makes me mad about this, is that not only you pays hundreds of dollars every-times for a game… that SHOULD work… But now you can’t even even play.

Damn it is so messed up!?

You know what… with 70 euros just go to a good restaurant, so you won’t be sitted like me in front of a computer on my free day, hoping for a game to work, feeling like an idiot.


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