Home is where your heart is

Yep. It’s a long time. I moved, and moved and… moved. And now, i live in Paris. I do apologize, but i have found a new job and i still don’t have internet. Things will change next week, saturday when finally a technician will come and connect me to the world. Besides i also found a new job i i didn t find the time to go in an internet point.

But i wanted to share with you guys the view from the window of my new house. In a sunny day i’ll picture the tour eiffel too, even if it’s a little far from home.

paris Important: i have NO intention to abandon this blog. I just need the time to put all the pieces together. I heard hours of amazing music here, and i really do want to share it with you.

I just need internet back!

… In the end the person i love is not going to live here with me. So a part of my heart will stay with him, in Rome. And i feel kind of strange… like an outsider in my own new house. I don’t know if you know what i mean but it’s a very odd sensation. And not so good.

Pain makes us feel alive. And the distance between persons is not the end. It’s the courage to look from a certain distance what’s going on. I feel hurt. Lonely. But at the same time indipendent.

trasloco This is what i had. First thing i brought. Today i brought a fridge, the washing machine. My PC. Three Chairs. But it’s all so messed up.

I feel like i’m wandering in a garden of stones.


2 thoughts on “Home is where your heart is

  1. I know how it feels to be far away from home, though I’m not in a couple relation with anyone.
    But good luck with your new life…already found a job?

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