About “Les Artistes Anonymes”

Artistes Anonymes (Anonymous Artists) is a new Blog i have created with a friend of mine, Teruaki. So if you visit this blog, You’ll find our paintings, sketches, and drawings. We are looking for other people at the moment. But it’s not easy to find others who can share our same mood. What we want to do is just create a space where we can share our art. We are not pro… or we’re not doing this to become famous.

We just have a very stressing life, and drawing and painting is a way we have to set our minds at ease.

I am having some troubles posting new stuff, as my internet connection is very very messed up. I will fix it soon.


3 thoughts on “About “Les Artistes Anonymes”

  1. I know how you feel with the internet connection trouble. I’m having trouble just liking other peoples’ posts, let alone making my own and replying to others. Hope you get back to good fast internet soon!

  2. Cara la mia parigina, ma sai che sono interessanti le opere del sito che segnali.
    Solo una domanda, sono opere virtuali, oppure, come io faccio da decenni e da li’ non mi sposto, dipinte dal vivo?


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