About Jaber.

So i went to Jaber Al Majoub Expo in the 5th arrondissement. I waited for him more than 30 minutes. but he did not come. That’s it. I was alone and i had no one to talk with; some men came next to me… you know trying to flirt or sort of so i really went away with a mute sadness.
jaberAfter i went away
the guy who organized the expo called me to tell me that Jaber finally arrived. But i did not come back. “Carpe Diem” we say in Rome… “catch the moment, the present”… i really can’t translate it in english, but if you are curious, you’ll find good explanations on Wikipedia. Anyway, the time flew, as the occasion. But afterall i was happy to know that he was alive. That he was still painting. I was happy to see his paintings too. Even if i think that the paintings i have are better than those i saw the other day.  That’s it.

I spend my time alone. Quite worried, scared about the future. With no ideas on what i am going to do.

I went to many jazz concerts in Paris.

Jazz is the only thing that sets my mind at ease, pushing me to focus on the present.

I find my self sitted alone, but when the music starts, i’m no longer alone and for a short time, i feel in peace.


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