…And in Paris again.

metropolitain paris And here I am, back in Paris again. Today, something magic happened. I was wondering next to the quais, in a very “flaneur style” and I saw Jaber’s Paintings. Now, if you follow my blog, you know who Jaber is. (reminder: When i was i child, Jaber was a Painter who lived in front of us, in the 1er arrondissement. I used to give him my drawings, and he gave me his paintings as gift; after several years i lost his contacts, and saw he made an expo in London.). Well… Jaber’s Paintings where there, right in front of me. I stopped, speechless.

I spoke with the guy of the Quais… and he told me Jaber was going to make an Expo here in Paris, Wednesday, with another artist. I must go there and find him, after… well, after 15 years. Will he recognize me?

With a friend of mine we saw the final of the Roland Garros at the Hotel the Ville, yesterday. We’re having fun, like stupid – yes i know- giving movies names of couples when we enter the Starbucks… like “Romeo and Juliet”, “Bonnie and Clyde” or Luke and Leila of Star Wars.

luke leiaI’m not a bad person, and i absolutely do not want to make fun of the workers, it’s just that my name is very difficult to understand, so everytime i always had to spell it 4-5 times. So i decided to end this and change my name… Yes i know it’s stupid.

Actually i’m having many troubles. I’m worried about my projects. Working on 5 different projects at the same time is harsh, and i don’t know if i will succeed. I know i was born for that. But it is not so easy to … to communicate and show to the world what’s inside me. Everytime i have to fight with my demons. And everytime i saw the faces of those (many italian people that i know in Rome) who think that i won’t do it. Envy, misogyny, lack of respect and many other feelings i receive every time i come back in Rome. I really, really do not miss some faces, really.

I do not miss Rome. I just miss one, only one person in Rome. But that person in my home, so i feel like if i had a hole in my heart. Always divided in two parts.


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