Back in Rome

paris2013 159

I share some other pictures i took of Paris. The filters used are those of instagram.

I was reading my last posts, and i was surprised to see i didn’t wrote a very important thing about my reasoning.

When i think to leave, to go elsewhere… i know that if i leave alone, i will leave also many things behind. Leaving old things, finding new ones. Sure. But it is not so easy. Life is not a well drawn-line. Sometimes you risk, you gamble. You try. You stay loyal, honest to yourself. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But you’ll have tried, and you will have learnt, you lived plenty.  LIFE, FOR THOSE WHO LIVE IT AND NOT JUST STAY STARING TO THE OTHERS, IS ALWAYS A DISCOVERY. YOU NEVER, NEVER GET BORED IF YOU LIVE IT. And sometimes, if you leave something or someone, it doesn’t mean that you’ll lost it forever. On the contrary: sometimes a distance enforce relationships, emotions, feelings. This, is how i feel. 

Home is where our heart is. My heart is not in a place… Rome, Paris, Beijing or NY. My home is the persons i love. And i’m not so lucky to have all these people around me. Half of my family is in Italy. Half is is France. When i can spent a day sitted on a table, and i have my boyfriend, my mum, my dad, and all my brothers at the same day… it’s rare. Sacred. Sometimes i see people that do not not understand how lucky they are to have all their family closed to them. Silly ones. 

Saint Germain de L'Auxerrois ancient Carillon

Saint Germain de L’Auxerrois ancient Carillon

When i think to leave… it’s not only for me. If i don’t become the person i want to be. If i don’t follow my path, test my capacities, and be independent  i won’t be proud of me. And before loving someone, we should first love ourselves.

The majority of the people i met tell themselves lies everyday. But this is not me. Maybe that’s why i am so hated. Or maybe that’s why, after years, people still spy into my life hoping to know more. If we want to be worthy of a long, true love, it’s a long path. Harsh sometimes. We discover ourselves and those who we love. We grow. We suffer and we smile. C’est la vie!

I’d say “You know nothing, Jon Snow”… but instead I’ll say goodnight world.

That’s enough with my personal thoughts. In the next posts i’ll be very proud to share some good music with you!

May life always treat you gently.


One thought on “Back in Rome

  1. I exactly know how you feel…I’m in Singapore and though I complain because my parents want to hear me on skype everyday, I actually miss them when they don’t call me.

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