My first post “not-at-home”

You’ll probably make fun of me but there’s a first time for everyone. I’m in a Starbucks coffee in the center of Paris right now. I’m realizing right now that i always wrote from my desk at home. And it’s quite different writing from here, in the heart of Paris, sat around so many people. The coffee isn’t bad at all. And i’m italian, so i tell you, it’s not an easy thing to say.

It’s a rainy day, and i feel very sad. I argued. And to be alone in a foreign city after arguing with the most important person in your life makes you feel… well… pretty bad.

But at the same time, i think that everyone should experience what i’m living now.

When you leave alone in a foreign place, you can’t tell yourself all the lies that you usually tell to yourself when you live your [often boring] everyday-routine. It also helps you see what is normally around you with a good distance.

When you see things from a good distance, you can have a full-view of it, analyse them more globally, somehow with mess “heart” and more reason. And sometimes Reason is necessary to show you the correct way to face some problems.

I feel that i forgot what love is. Passion? i guess i lost it too, at least with other human beings.

Sad, isn’t it?

May life always treat you gently.


One thought on “My first post “not-at-home”

  1. But you have made the first step, you see there was an error. It is very tough to be an expatriot, other people are so alien to you. I hope things will go better Aenis_art. Just remember always, a smile is a universal language. Happy weekend! 🙂

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