Be here, Now: Live music’s power.


That’s the power of live music. Especially jam sessions, improvisations. It’s not where you’re going, but how you get there, if you know what i mean.

This is also the reason why i think that every single person should listen to live music. I’m not only talking about important concerts. Just stop a second when you walk down the the street and you listen to a musician. It’s all a rush. It’s non-sense. Music reminds you that you should stop. Ask yourself some questions. Any questions, even some apparently stupid like “Where am i going?” or “What am i looking for?” … “Why?” and so on.

Stop to listen at him, musicians always have to teach you something. You always learn; the point is to stay open-minded. To listen, for real, that’s how i see it.

There’s the inclination to see “Art” as something that society does not “need” for real… it’s for spineless people that aren’t able to do anything else. Stuff that is not necessary. False. That’s what an ignorant country thinks. A country that has no respect for its own culture, a country that doesn’t read, that justifies violence and stopped asking questions.

(The image of this post is a very very old digital drawing i’ve made of the swedish model Twiggx) If you want yo download it on a Desktop version, here‘s the link!


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