When cars scare you…

When i was 18, i got involved in a car accident. I was a newbie. I had my driving licence since 2 days when it happened.

macchina1But i was the one who had the hands upon the wheel. And my elder brother Paolo was next to me.

He wasn’t badly injured, but i felt very guilty: i could had easily avoided the impact, but as i said, i really had no experience at all.

One year later, i was in a car with with some friends of mine. The one who was driving was one of the most stupid persons i knew. Thank to a Ferrari’s driver who were behind us, we didn’t kill ourselves in a huge rear-ending on the highway. Italian people are terrible drivers. I learnt a lot from that accident. I don’t go in a car if i don’t know the driver.

By the way, i always had a kind of “Rally” spirit. Maybe because i come from a family of pilots.

After the accidents, i started to be scared. The only idea to be in the car drove me mad. I couldn’t sleep at night thinking that i had to get somewhere by car. Especially into Rome’s city center. This fear ruined many years of my life.

One day i got tired of this feeling. I was the slave of my own fear. So i jumped in the car with my boyfriend, and drove from Rome, Italy, to Strasbourg, France. We made more than 745 miles in one day. I know that it’s not a big deal if your’re American, you have another notion of what is “distant”, but i assure you that for an European, it’s a long road.

I fought my fear facing it. And it worked. So if you are scared by driving because you also had bad experiences, don’t stuck yourself, it will only get worse. Be conscious, and face it. Everything is going to be all right.

Today i love driving. Even if i’m the traffic. As long as i have my blues and my jazz music with me… i can drive anywhere, even you in Mongolia, if you wish.

The amazing thing of Italy is how the cities are close one to each other. So if you travel by car, you’d make a very nice trip. In the same day you can plunge for feet in the Adriatic sea, touch the snow on mount Terminillo, and then have a bath on the Roman seaside. In few hours, you can reach Florence. Once you’re in the north, it’s all close. 

i discovered it driving. The point is: don’t let the fear for something destroy your freedom.


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