Love at first sight

Now you’ll think: Who is that guy you have a crush on? well it’s not actually a “person”, i’d rather say a “sound from a soul”. It’s a particular sound. Some months ago, i was wondering in Rome. Yep, i’m not so proud of it but sometimes i’m a very talented flaneur (“flaneuse”).

So, i was walking into the city center, waiting for nothing, with no goals at all. And from the back of the street, i heard the sound of an electric bass guitar. I was a bass beginner (actually i’m still a beginner), so i just stopped trying to understand where the sound did exactly came from. I was amazed because i could hear clearly it was a bass… but the sound that came out of it… oh god i just stood speechless.

I arrived in Piazza Navona and saw this guy, sat on his small audio amplifier, playing like a rock star  He was this kind of persons that have the power to show you their soul. It’s like if i had plunged in a transparent lake, and while i was sinking into it, i could see crystal clearly everything around. So how can i put it… it’s not i fell in love with the guy. I just fell for the sound of his soul. It’s like when i listen to Lou Reed. Or when i cry listening to some Blues. Uhm, do you know what i mean?

So the other day i was looking to bass lessons on youtube… and … i found a video of him. I was so happy to listen to him again. The sound is not perfect, when you listen at him live… it’s all different. You know there are many things i really don’t understand: i often find greatest musician on the street that on the stages where i had to pay at least 20 euro to get in. And the same goes to the world of visual art.

I end thinking that persons favored by connections are those who go on, no matter what and how good they really are. Such a shame. Unfair. But in the end, i have compassion for them, and i don’t care.


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