Changing my Pseudonym- Chihyro becomes Aenis

It took me several months, but i chose to change my pseudonym from Chihyro to Aenis. I had so many troubles every time splelling my art name. When i chose Chihyro, i didn’t think about the phonetic problems. Now the terrible problem is that Facebook don’t allow me to change my Fanpage name. It’s crazy. So changing my pseudonym means that i am going to loose my 5.000 followers on FB. If you want to help me, please support me on my new Facebook FanPage Here

daenerys-wip-600pxI don’t know if you noticed, but we’re having a very, very bad time in Italy. Last week we had no Pope (this wasn’t so bad actually), Our President was in Germany, No prime minister, no government. Now Grillo stays on its own terms, and we can’t see a way out with our old, corrupted politicians. I read on some European newspapers that Beppe Grillo is considered as a fascist, a mad men who is capable to bring us into a civil war. But… what about Berlusconi? Italy is famous all over the world because of Berlusconi, who is considered a dictator and a despot. And where is our left wing? do you see them? i don’t. Let me confess you something. My secret Vote. I gave my vote to the democrat Vendola. He’s gay. In his campaign, he talked about the PACS, the importance of our nation to get rid of men such as Berlusconi. He said that we can’t, in 2013, obey to the church, allowing a theocracy to rule in the dark our country. Then Pope Fraciscus I was elected. And today, at the beginning of the speech for the new legislature… everybody, with the exception of “Grillo’s followers” (let’s call them in this way), stood up claping hands to the new Pope. Included Vendola. And I don’t accept this. Our Parliament must be focused on the problems of Italy. A gay, who represent milions of italian gays can’t stand upm, and smile and give an applause to an organization who see you are like a freak, a disabled, a sick person. I would have much more to say, but it is so difficult for to express all this in english.

We are so messed-up in Italy.


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