Rough Speed Sketch 2

Here’s another rough speed sketch. I started traditionally directly with a bic pen, and a red consumed red felt. It’s a small tribute to the RPG game Vampire: the Masquerade. I bought the 20th anniversary Special-limited edition book and it’s amazing, so i was curious to draw some vampires again. There is a guy playing a vampire in an American serie, his name is Sam Witwer (i suppose… i’m not totally sure). I think he is very interesting model. He’s a very good actor and i really liked how the make up artists created his vampire form in the serie. I guess i will start some sketches using him as model. Hope he won’t get angry… even if i guess VIPs have no interest in common people like me! 🙂

Feel free to use this image (Creative Commons) until you alway credit me (Aenis art) and do not use it for commercial purposes.



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