About Lost.

For several years, i heard people saying: “WTH you didn’t see Lost? are you kidding me? it’s… a cult! you MUST see it!”…

I’m a woman. I’m curious. So last week i decided to have a look to this serie. I actually enjoyed the first season. Episodes were short films on the lives of the main characters. And i’m a fan of short films. I thought it was nice. The idea too wasn’t so bad… a kind of Cast away… even if i’m still not figuring out HOW you can find all these weapons and Alcohol and clean luggages and dry books after a plane crash. But maybe I’m too harsh on this topic because I worked in an airport. Plus, i come from a family of pilots and therefore it is difficult to cheat on these specific topics with me. I’m trained.

But ok. After the firts season… well… i tried not to laugh… but i couldn’t. It’s an island, but no actually it’s not an island. It’s a huge island but it takes you less than 2 days to discover what’s in it, and a french woman – a rambo- who lives there since 16 years is btw not able to say what is beyond her kitchen-garden. Characters die and rise again… and it’s not a serie on the apocalypse o zombie stuff. You have a kind of blond Trinity that is evil, then is good, then is evil, than is good, then is evil… and then is good.

“Mysteries” are not explained. Each episode is a mess of stuff that do not fit with the story. … and which/what story? I can understand the frustration of the writers, but I think instead of throwing away all this money they could do something better with this.

Public is NOT stupid. Or at least, a part of it.

I just wonder the faces of the actors when they had to read the script.

Talking about the actors, i found the male cast very interesting.

I have to say I’m sorry but Lost is not a cult.

Talking about it on FB, a friend of mine linked me this video. And yes i think they reached those levels.!! Enjoy!


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