To be or not to be a writer.

Every word linger.
A blank, yellow page is the gate.

The gate to that world i visit everyday. That world i’m the only one to see, to discover.
I live there for several hours everyday.

At North, the frozen mountains of the White Sea stand silent. The Lord of the White only care about the diamonds in his mines…. but someone stole them… He sent all his ships to South, travelling through the wasted lands until the Korahk Falls, the gates of the South Dominion. Magic is just an old memory. At West, the large Fadar See hides ancient mysteries, and in the capital of the South, there are rumors of a powerful civilization who live beneath the waters. In every dark night, i follow the paths of this world, imagining faces, lifes, secrets, love, life and death. Dragons, swords… but i never write about that… I don’t know if the world would be interested in my fantasy world.


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