Cosplay for Lucca comics and Games 2012

I am going to Lucca Comics and Games this year, too. “What are you talking about”? perhaps you’ll ask me. I’m sure you know very well the Comicon in the USA. Lucca Comics it’s like the comicon, but it’s in Italy, in the old walls of the city of Lucca, in the heart of Tuscany.

Last year i was fascined by all the costumings and cosplays. So… this year i decided to fight the shyness. And I am preparing my cosplays. I’ll be Motoko Kusanagi of Ghost in the Shell. TADADAAAN yep… she’s my favorite character so i decided to try!

I’ll post the pictures when i will finish it!

In the meantime i share with you some pics i took last year!

He was so similar!

This one was great, but i do not know the game/comics:

A simple cosplay, very smart:

And these guys made it great:

A live mario cart!

Have a nice Week-end!


8 thoughts on “Cosplay for Lucca comics and Games 2012

  1. Anche io vado a Lucca quest’anno! Che giorno ci vai? Io ci andrò il 2 Novembre e verrò in cosplay da Merida del film Pixar The Brave! Magari possiamo incontrarci XD

  2. Jack Sparrow was just as like! 😀
    I was Lego Batman last year, and no matter the weather this time I’ll surely bring Pamela Andersson for the Movie&Cosplay presentation on Thursday! I have a secret project for the weekend, but I’ll show it only if the sun is shining…I can’t allow raindrops ruining 2 months’ efforts!

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