Some news… and talking about Beautiful Freaks… I’m on board!

Hello world. I guess i’ll stop thinking about my last, bad experiences.

The first good news is that the number 41 of Beautiful Freaks is coming out… and i’m as illustrator!!! Now i have to study some ID notions, so that i’ll be able to work as indipendent on the paper’s layout. Somebody can think “well… it’s not a great thing”… but for me it’s a wonderful experience, where i can learn and/to improve. And above all this, i have so good, brand new music to listen to. I’m that kind of girl who isn’t grew up… so i still feel 19 years old… listen to my hot Led Zeppelin… dreaming an impossible future.

Ok… Well… i’m happy… that’s it. And i guess you’ll see more more digital collages posted here in the future, because this style fits better with the “air you can breathe” in the journal.

… I’m often  melancholyc, haunted by a sense of oppression, that i perceive everywhere but I can not touch. It’s the air that linger on this wonderful country of mine. Italy is going under… under a deep ignorance, a tragic loss of interest for the culture, social and political life. You can not blame them, since most of the old men sitting in the gilded halls of power are nearly all thieves and robbers.

Such a shame.

Ok now i say bye bye… i’m working on a …uhm, i’m not sure the english word i’m going to use is correct… please help! i’m going to work drawing… a …playbill? for a company of actors and dancers that are going on air in theaters (in Rome- october-november 2012)… I created for them a blog here on WordPress. It’s still under construction but i’m sure they will let that blog grow. Here’s the link.

You know, in Japan, it is common to say that the way you keep the place where you live show how balanced you are. When everything is a mess… you usually cram a bad energy into the house. Ehm. This is just… a short glance to a part of my desk.

Oh. I can’t say bye bye with all this mess… ok… i say goodnight to all of you with… this little sketch i did!


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