A very, very bad experience with Dell

Hello , world. I guess you’ve noticed that i’ve been missing for a while. Well. I want to write this post to tell you why… and to free me from the bad experience i had.

In march 2012, i bought a Dell Aurora… it was very, very expensive. I did a very hard selection, where i choose the best parts you can imagine for a pc. And i’m not talking about one thounsand of euros… i’m talking about more. More. I decided to give all my economies up for one of the best pc on the market. Well… i spent last two weeks crying because *puf* bye bye pc… BROKEN.

I hope you guys have good pc assistance, because in Italy, it sucks. I had a “next business day assistance”… and more than a week has gone without results. I am so disappointed… the worst thing was loosing all my drawings, all my datas… but while the technician said: “sorry you’ve lost all your files” my boyfreind was trying to save a part of them, and it worked. I was so disgusted.

Well i really really do not trust pc, and pc assistance anymore. I guess i will return to hand drawing. or stuff like that. Grr… sorry for this post… but i really needed to talk about it.

Of course i was organizing an exposition in France… But after this… i will have a terrible, terrible delay.


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