Imagination is Life, Rome – L’immaginazione è Vita, Roma.

English: As i find myself here on the french-german border… and as the rain is still stroking my window, a shy, fragrant, intimate nostalgy took today a large peace of my heart. It’s not easy when you’re a stranger. It’s not easy to survive when the economic crisis brings xenophobia and related intolerance into people’s hearts. So while the grey clouds woke me up… my mind flew in Rome. Into my hometown. I was looking to my mum’s pics and i found some shots of Rome that i would like to share with you. When you are a Roman, like me, you have a strange notion of “time”. We grow up into these 2000thousands year of history. You just need to close your eyes one sec, take a long breath, and when you’ll open your eyes your imagination is able to bring you where you desire. The roman market takes life, right behind the Emperor, and you can have all the time to analyse our civil evolution, our mistakes, cruelty. Everything is alive.

I said yesterday that that is something that lingers, in the air. In the ground where you walk. Emotions are somehow impressed into these old walls, who glady tells you their story if you have the heart and the patience to listen to them.

There is a comic artist, Enrico Marini, one of my favorite ones actually, that is creating an amazing comic book. I really fell in love with his drawings, and the story, so passionate. So I take the chance to invite you to read his “Rome’s Eagles” (actually i don’t know the english traslation, but you will find the books on amazon typing “Les Aigles de Rome” in french or “Le aquile di Roma” in italian.). So this is my comic advice for September. I will gladly take more time in these days, to talk about this comic in another post, which is one of the best ever drew.



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