July’s Comics Advices: Juillard’s Blue Notebook.

Just a note for my italian friends: Dato che ho scritto molto, tradurrò quest’articolo in italiano per domani! scusatemi!

English: As i said some weeks ago, i would have started a monthly advices and suggestions on comics. (Is this sentence correct in english? i hope so!). Well i will be sincere: i’m not a Marvel addicted. I love all the bad caracters of Batman and Batman Himself… but i’m not the kind of person who goes mad about a boy hurted by a spider and stuff like that. Marvel offers “codes” and “types” for those abitués , chidreen or big boys, that love to find forever and ever this same types. Do you know what i mean? In these types of comics you have the “good” and the “evil”. It’s all black or white. And the good always win. These caracters time after time tend to become psychologically … flat. If you are looking for something “real” or “acceptable” i mean. Because in reality there is no “totally good” and “totally evil” man. By the way i love so much some marvel’s cartoonists, illustrator and degnigners, and that’s why even if i do not like the history or the caracters, i will be reading also these types of comics.

So i understand that someone can think as i do and say “ehm… i’m not interested in reading spider man or mikey mouse, okay?” buuut, let me thell that: The world of comics… is bigger than you can imagine. So my first advices in these months, will be justified by 3 things:

  1. I want to show you that there’s not just marvel and disney.
  2. I want to prove you that there are comics that show very well the complexity of human mind, or invite childreen to learn more about history and so on. Most of them are all European comics. I want to prove you that there are comics just for adults, and not because there’s sex and blowjobs in every pages, but because there are philosophical thoughts that request a culture from who’s reading.
  3. There are comics that have a story that begin and end so simply. A life in book. So you will not need to look for 453 415 milions of numbers to understand what’s going on.

This is My advice, then. The Author and writer is André Juillard, one of my favorite artists. The comics name is “The Blue Notebook” (O.L. : Le Cahier Bleu)

Click here to go to Amazon’s English version of the comic.

The story is focused on different points of views. The main caracter is a french lady. The story takes place in Paris. I don’t want to say more. I really hope you will read it. And then we will talk.

As i wrote a lot i’ll translate this post in Italia tomorrow!


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