A Desperate Housewife?

1) I never saw the TV Drama

2) I’m not married

3) Sometimes i really feel I could hang myself in the shower. Well ok, this one is quite harsh, sorry.

But i really feel exhausted. When I went to live with my partner, I did not think that   I would begin to live the greastest period of loneliness of my life. Why? well… because he’s always working. I discovered he’s a kind of Stakanovist. And i discovered he got hungry when you tell him: “Love, i brought you to the station at 9a.m., you came home at 9p.m…. and now that you’re home… WTF you continue working? “… No … you can’t say this to him. Noooeee UHm. you can’t. I discovered a Stakanovist is not going to tell you: “Yes love, well… yes i’m a stakanovist”.

We are all crazy.

Living our lives just for working, and working and working destroys all the love, all the good relations.


And i feel like a desperate housewive. I quite curious to understand how i can try to handle this odd situation.


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