A lack of backbone

English . I do not remember my dreams anymore. I have flashs sometime – during the day- that make me wonder that my mind brought me somewhere while i was sleeping. If you want to remember your dreams, who should firstly talk about them, ask yourself “what have i been dreaming so far?” when you wake up. Dreams and reality seems to melt… like in the movie “Waking life”. What is real and what’s not. Who really knows that? Sometimes i really feel lonely, even if i’m surrounded by persons. We expect them to be what our desires wants them to be. We look for love. affection. For a fellowship. Sometimes i think it’s just selfishness.
In Italy there’s a phrase we use to say when you don’t have the courage to face something. We say: “Ti manca il fegato” translated “You don’t have the liver(guts)”… well… i’m feeling like i lack of backbone… i don’t know how to find the bravery to face some troubles. Oh, i’m so lazy today…

photo credit: digitonin via photo pin cc


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